Choose School If you are in the process of choosing a school where to study Italian in Italy, please take on count your needs, for example if you need to earn college credit it's better for you to find this information when you look for a Italian school, there are few ones that grant college credit and some other will need the student to participate in a formal course of study.

There's a good resource where you can find a complete list of Italian Schools around the world you can check the page of Italian Language Schools and search for the place that you are planning to go.

Usually the language schools offer some facilities, for example some of them have free internet access, others have a good library with plenty of books that can help you in your studies, others pick up you from the airport and the major part of them gives classes of cuisine, and organize some guided tours around the city.

Also is important to know that in many cases group classes are better than individual or one-to-one classes, despite of the fact that you get more attention from your teacher in individual classes, you can learn from the other's mistakes in group classes, you can discuss your ideas and you can talk with some more people that are looking the same that you, to learn a new language, and it would be better if you can live with a native Italian speaker family, some school gives you this facility, try to get it because this way you will be learning the Italian all the time, at school and at home.

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