Over time Italian has been considered one of the most influential and important languages in the word. Italian is a member of the Romance group that is mainly spoken in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, French, Malta, Mónaco, Croatia and Somalia. It is calculates, Italian is the mother tongue of over 60 million people.

Although, like any language, learning Italian requires a great effort, time and sometimes some money, compared to other languages, for example Chinese, Japanese and even Russian, Italian is much easier to learn, but remember that must practice constantly like aerobic exercises.

Italian speaking language jobs

Currently, speak many languages, is an important advantage to improve anyone's resume, and Italian language obviously could not be the exception. Learning Italian will open job opportunities, but if you are still not convinced, we show some of the most common areas where you can work.
  • Teacher: Teacher is definitely one of the main professions in which you can work; of course you need a professional title before teaching, and once you get a title you will be able to teach in any type of schools.

  • Translator: To work as a freelance translation professional, you do not need any specific qualification, a license just the ability of speak another language and resources for professionals. Important agencies like travel agencies are looking for professional translators for example to translate Italian to English and vice versa.

  • Interpreter: There are many people who confuse translation and interpreting jobs, the interpreter translates orally, while a translator interpreter written text. So, to work as an interpreter, it is not necessary to know how to write Italian perfectly.

Study professions abroad

As we can see, there are many jobs for those who know to speak another language, in this case Italian language. This makes us realize that learn a new language is always important and very beneficial for us, so if you want to improve your language skills, learning a language where it is spoken is definitely the best option, for example in this case, enrolling in a language school to learn Italian in Italy will be the most advisable.

You must also keep in mind that learning a new language is not a joke, because as we said earlier you will have to invest your time, effort and money. But if you are ambitious, and you do not want to work in the professions listed above, you can enroll in an institute or university and study professions which have languages as one of the main tools such as:
  • International trade.
  • International relations.
  • Imports.

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