A resume is the document where people present their personal information, background and skills to employers in the process of looking for a job. In other countries a resume is known as Curriculum Vitae. The resume have to be written in a way that catch the employer attention and he/she thinks that the person who wrote the resume is a potential candidate for the job.

Making a good resume is really important in order to get a job, that is why people have to take some important things into consideration. There are many resume examples in the web, but we want to present here some useful tips to write an effective resume that can help you to improve your chances of finding the desired job:
  • Don't get the impression you are a desperate job hunter. Remember that the purpose of your resume is get a job interview. (See also

  • Try to show your qualities and strengths writing about your work experience and the things you have done.

  • It is for sure that employers will only use few seconds to make a judgment about your resume, so try to make titles as descriptive as possible in order to grab their attention. For example instead of this title: English teacher, you can be more specific in case you can, and write: Intermediate and advance English teacher.

  • Talking about time, short and comprehensive sentences explaining your work experience are better than long paragraphs. Remember that employers won't have the time and patience to review a long resume.

  • Some of the most important things about the resume are the work experiences you have and your skills, so make this section the most clear. as possible. It is a good idea to list your most important skills first.

  • It is recommendable the text be easy to read, so if you use Arial 12pt or Times 12pt it will be fine.

  • Along the resume you can write about how your job can give benefits to the company, not only the things you can do. So this can improve your chances to catch the employer attention.

You can also review a to get an idea of how to write a professional resume.

Cover letter (Motivation letter)

This document is usually attached to the resume. It explains the suitability of the job seeker to the desired position. It reflects the facility of communication of the person. It is the first way to communicate to our employer about us. It is divide into three parts: header, introduction, body, and closing. If you want to see cover letter examples, check

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